Core Competency

Part of our core business to integrate hardware and software together from various brands of products and serving across all industries. We focus on Virtualization, Storage, Network Security and Data Centres. They represent the required blend of solution for any industries that utilizes IT facilities. With our years of experience in project Management, Network Design, Consultation/ Implementation, Support and maintenance services, it enables us not only to cater for a complete solution across organization but also retain integral requirement for today business operations regardless of the size of the business.

As one of the many principle branded local service partners (Exp. HP, IBM, Samsung, APC, Emerson, Microsoft, Linux, Firewall and etc.), We have had extensive experience in implementing and supporting day to day operations to mission-critical setups. Currently base in Malaysia, Melaka. We aim to grow throughout Malaysia and Asian region.

IT System Integration comes with a diverse range of products and services that is not limited to just Server Operating systems. Our current portfolio includes:
  • Computing solutions
  • Servers, Storage and Backup Solutions.
  • Networking, Network Security products and solutions
  • Enterprise messaging solutions
  • Application/ Virtualization Implementation
  • Data Center Consultation and designing
  • Centralize Uninterruptable power supply and environment monitoring systems
  • Security IP CCTV and door access peripherals
  • Training and consulting services
Collaboration between users and vendors carrying the task meeting customer objective in time line are only a small portion in any vendor responsibility towards their customers. Our project management team works in tandem with customers throughout the life of a project, either through a standard maintenance contract or a customize maintenance contract.

Visualize offers a turnkey service for customers from the preparation of a comprehensive project plan, setting out deliverables, time scales, task dependencies and resource scheduling through to designing. The team will also manage, designing and implementing appropriate project management, monitoring, reporting, review procedures and defining quality assurance methods for the respective projects.

Visualize assistance in monitoring progress through our project management procedures, is designed to ensure that goals are achieved and that deliverables are produced on time and within budget.
The needs of the security customer have grown immeasurably from the days of “one camera with VCR” environment. One of Visualize main focus is on IP based Surveillance (IP-CCTV), IP based Door access and industry wireless connectivity CCTV.

Implementation and managing automation security from a centralize location has been made easy without all the complex wiring and cables. Physical laying of Power point cables and outlet are no longer required for door access and CCTV through the usage of POE cables and switches. Thus enables a centralized security staff to control all door access, with unlimited connection through the LAN switches. And with IP camera two-way audio and software solution integrated to the IP door access, we can now communicate and see people at the remote door and allow access with the push of a button through a single connectivity.

Whether your needs are basic video surveillance and door access or a state-of-the-art CCTV security system, IP base devices are the future for better, easy and clear audio and video with ease installation as compared to the conventional analog CCTV.
Cover from software antivirus, Firewall and network security. Product solution ranging from hardware to software security that protect companies digital investment from internal and external intrusion. The importance of antivirus as a security solution is address in all sectors of business.

But anti-Virus on desktop and hardware are not enough as users are now linked to the world through Internet access and relies on this media for their daily operations and business needs. Security requirement becomes more complex and critical as intrusion are now faster through digital devices. Thus, Visualize provides evaluation, designing and configuration services for company policies and security devices with security solution like firewall, IDS and IPS to obtain a better all rounded security solution from External and Internal threats.

Visualize with it’s Security Automation and IT Security services, we are confident to provide expertise in consulting for a end to end security solution for your office and business.
Network infrastructure is the backbone of all IT infrastructure. Take for an example of blood veins running in a human body, the network infrastructure is the vein found in most enterprise IT environments used to carry data from one end to the other. The entire network infrastructure is interconnected, and can be used for internal communications, external communications or both.

A typical network infrastructure includes a wide range of products as seen below:
  • Networking Hardware:
    • Routers
    • Switches
    • LAN cards
    • Wireless routers
    • Cables
  • Networking Software:
    • Network operations and management
    • Operating systems
    • Firewall
    • Network security applications
    • & etc.
Design of the network infrastructure will determine the level of venerability in terms of security and flexibility in terms of expansion.

We provide comprehensive design to suite customer business needs and requirements. Always keeping true to a model of flexible, cost effective, reliable future proof network structure to equipment.
To pro-long your IT investment, we provide maintenance and support for every single cents you invest and we commit it. We provide diverse maintenance support 24x7x365 days, dependent on customer needs and requirements.
  • Typical Maintenance
  • Outsource Maintenance
  • Service maintenance
  • Project maintenance
  • Periodic preventive maintenance.
  • Customize maintenance.

Ensuring business continuity for customers is a priority of ours in any maintenance. With our dedicated support personnel, you can be assured of quality after-sales support and service. Our support infrastructure is flexible in accommodating support requests from all industries customers, company with minimal support requirements to those with mission-critical requirements.

Support is designed on the basis of client’s business needs, complexity of the infrastructure, specific application needs and staff skill level.

Typical support options include:
  • Remote dial-in and phone support
  • Incidence-based support on applications/software
  • Scheduled site visits for maintenance, problem resolutions and support issues
  • Phone support on per call basis
  • On-site support
  • Whatever solution you choose, we are committed to provide the best level of support for your business.
Our day to day activities selling IT related products from Consumables, Software Licenses, PC, Laptop up to Server farm related products.